me being reflective before the first day of school

this summer wasn’t so bad. first real taste of freedom and the joys and woes of living alone. I made an effort to always get out of the house. call/text to see if anyone was free. hit or miss mostly. it did feel quite lonely though. the events planned days in advanced worked out. my immediate group of friends got closer with my other close friends so hanging out was no problem. i guess summer school wasn’t totally sucky. it kept me busy.

when your family is not around, your friends become your family.

i just hope I am not haunted by last fall.

Unagi. I’m always aware.

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"I was not myself for weeks yet nobody noticed."


"America is a land of freedom!!11!!"


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If ur not a fan of burgers or sushi then idk we just can’t be friends

spoiler alert

Was it just me or was the ending to dual destinies really silly….
I get the major fulbright twist but all the masks reveals, and him not even remembering his real self… They pushed it really really far. Then all of a sudden he gets shot…

The best parts of the game were the Fey girls’ brief appearance and the Cykes/Blackquil backstory.

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